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When relocating you can have an overwhelming amount of things to consider: different job, different schools, daycare, medical facilities including doctors, dentists and other factors that need to be dealt with. Last but not least is of course finding a new home. I understand this and am an expert at relocation's having assisted hundreds of individuals and families move here over the years. Whatever your questions or concerns are I am here to answer them for you.  

In some cases your firm or new one may be assisting you in the relocation. Often they may have an arrangement with a relocation service. I am very familiar with this process having worked with almost all of the major relocation firms . If this is your case contact me so I can provide you with some information to make the process easy should you decide to work with me.

Getting Started

Our process starts before you arrive with conversations laying out specifics that are important to you. Don't worry I'm easy to talk to and a very good listener. Together we'll reviews your needs so I can begin developing recommendations that you may wish to consider. In many cases you may have already focused on certain areas, communities and even homes that meet your needs. This helps me to develop a feel for what you desire. It also allows me to expand on it by recommending other options that may also be a match. As necessary depending on your requirements I will provide you with details on specific areas, communities and even homes that could be potential choices. Doing our homework up front before you arrive is important to easy the process.

Once we have a timeline for your arrival I can assist you in recommendations for lodging and other needs you may have. We'll meet and by that time I will have a list of potential  homes that are currently on the market based on our discussions. During this meeting we can discuss more details that will allow us to focus on the best choices to begin our home tour. Because of my experience in relocations my track record is that in most cases we can come to a decision within a few days. Then if you are prepared to make and offer we can start that process.

However in some cases the relocation may not happen on the first visit. Don't worry I know how to work with you moving forward with you timeline and will continue to provide you with updated listing. That way when you are ready we can move forward on the currently available properties.

I would love to talk with you and learn more about your move here. You'll find I'm a good listener. Please call me at 704-651-9946 or email me at


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