The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

What is the MLS, and how does it work for you?  The MLS is a database of properties currently on the market in the area.  Brokers participating in the MLS (which includes virtually all Brokers in the area) list all the homes they have for sale and agree to share in the sales commission of the properties.  This means that if I list your property on the MLS for you, but another agent finds a buyer for your house, that other broker or agent is entitled to part of the commission.  The big advantage to you, as the seller, is that every single broker and agent participating in the MLS has an incentive to sell your home.  This effectively puts every agent in the area to work selling your home!  The first place a buyers agent looks is always the MLS.  There is simply no better way to gain instant and widespread exposure for your home than listing it on the MLS.


So, the first thing I'll do as your agent is get your home listed on the MLS!  When another agent is searching for a home to meet the needs of a buyer, the agent will search the MLS based on the buyers criteria for price range and features.  So I'll enter all the important information about your home, such as the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any special features.  I use the services of a professional to take the pictures and / or do a drone virtual tour of your house along with community features to create a story of what makes both your home and community special.

Please be aware that in many cases agents with real estate firms simple submit a listing form to the office staff and they enter your home into MLS having never seen it. During my career I would not permit my listings to be handled this way. It is important that as your agent I used my skills and use every available character space in MLS to "romance" your home. I want it to jump off the MLS page and make the viewer want to visit it. Experience has taught me that the MLS presentation must create a positive impression in quality of pictures and descriptive text.