Ballantyne Area Overview

What is now referred to as the "Ballantyne Area" resides in the southern most area of Mecklenburg County bordering both South Carolina and the North Carolina's  Union County. It is bordered on the west by Lancaster Highway and on the east by Providence Road. The beginning of this expansive area started with the Harris and Bissell families development of the 2,000 acres their families owned. The vision was to create a master planned community based on the concept of "Live, Work, Play and Stay"

Development of this property which was started in the 1990's now consists of several single home and multi-home communities, apartment developments, shopping and dining venues, a private country club, hotels and a international recognized office park. In 2017 the office park including the four hotels changed ownership when Smoky Bissell sold his holdings to Northwood Investers LLC / Northwood Office. Exciting new developments are taking place that will redefine the area and increase the value of the entire Ballantyne Area. 

The development of Ballantyne along with the opening of the I-485 Beltway served as a catalyst for further growth throughout the area which is now referred to as the "Ballantyne Area".
Throughout this area you will find an excellent mix of housing options, shopping and entertainment venues, excellent rated school both public and private, a scattering of office parks, medical facilities, a delightful greenway, a selection of county parks, and other desirable amenities 

The most recent area being developed is along Providence Road just south of the I-485 interchange. Here you will find two very impressive developments with mixed uses. these are Waverly and Rea Farms (see links provided below). Other developments will follow along Providence Road and also in the remaining rural areas within the South Charlotte & Ballantyne Area over the next few years. 

As a guide to searching for homes in the expanded South Charlotte Ballantyne area I suggest using zip code 28277 as it takes in a wider selection of homes in the area.

Please contact me if you would like more information or if I can be of assistance in finding a home. I would love the opportunity to talk with you. 

Please take time to visit these links I believe you will find them informative....

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If you need more insight into this area a good source of information is my husband, Ray who has been labeled the Honorary Mayor of Ballantyne for his commitment to the area over the years. He was recognized in the the Charlotte Magazine in 2017 as one of the 50th most powerful people in Charlotte. This was a tribute to his service over the years to not just Ballantyne but to the city. He founded the Ballantyne Breakfast Club in 2001, founded the original Ballantyne Candidates Forum & Chili Cook-Off Event now know as the Ballantyne Community & Candidates Picnic, served on the Road Committee of 21 in 2008, serves as an Ex-Officio Director on the Ballantyne Chapter of the Chamber of Commerce, served on the Charlotte Planning Commission Committee for re-zoning's from 2012 to 2017 and was elected Chair of the South Charlotte Partners LLC advocacy committee. 
For more information on this exciting area please call 704-651-9946 or email me at. 

For more information on this exciting area email me at