South Charlotte Ballantyne Area News  

POSTED 6/1/2018

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE...the current purposed 2018 city budget for District 7 includes $20 million for an extension of Bryant Farm Road and the potential of another $5 million for much need area transportation and safety improvements. The understanding is this would fund sidewalk and intersection improvements along with other identified area needs. 
  • Northwood Office has just announced that John Barton will be their new president. More details on this announcement can be found on the GoBallantyne website. Northwood Office has also relocated their office to 11605 North Community House Road, Suite 600 Charlotte NC 28277.
  • Real Estate update. A new community of town homes (with a few single family homes) was recently approved. This community will be directly south of Ardrey Kell High School. There are two more petitions in the process for approval by the city. My husband has attended meeting with the developers representatives and discussed some of the details. For more information please contact me at 
  • South Charlotte Partners a non profit limited liability corporation has elected a Board of Directors and established an office in the Ballantyne Business Center. Directors with the support of Ed Driggs our District 7 city council representative are scheduling a meeting with the city manager and other department leaders. The objective is to present several traffic connective and sidewalk projects for funding consideration. To larn more about South Charlotte Partners visit and click to the South Charlotte Partners page. 
  • Real Estate sources continue to report that residential sales are seeing price increases while at the same time there is a reduction of the number of homes on the market for sale. 
  • Pleased to report that I have closed on two home sales as the buyers representative. In addition I have just completed a sale of new construction to a relocating client returning back to Charlotte. 
  • Excitement about the announcement that the Ballantyne area will be the first home of a "Wahlburgers" in Charlotte. Construction will start in the fall.
  • In 2001 my husband founded the Ballantyne Breakfast Club with a focus on his belief that "An Informed Community is a Better Community". He was honored by local and state elected representatives and the President of Northwood Office at the January Ballantyne Breakfast Club meeting for his dedication to the community and presented with a plaque. 
  • In addition to the Ballantyne Breakfast Club my husband was instrumental in founding South Charlotte Partners LLC. He was elected to serve as the chair for this community advocacy organization. Which is committed to sustaining the quality of life for the South Charlotte area See for information.