South Charlotte Ballantyne Area News  

POSTED 2/2/2019
My Real Estate Report

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Area Updates

Major announcements are pending in the greater Ballantyne area. My husband has been very involved as a stake holder in serveral meetings regarding the future of the Ballantyne area. AS permitted I will provide timely updates. 

Carlotte will be the new corporate HQs for Honeywell, This will involve hundreds of relocation's  /  new jobs coming to the area. 
In addition Lending Tree a Charlotte based company announced expanded growth and more job opportunities including a decision to explore a new corporate HQs location in Charlotte.

Novant Hospital has just obtained a rezoning so they can add a much needed facility to the Ballantyne area. We will be updating this development as it moves forward. My husband just addressed the state representative in support of the additional needs for this facility.

NCDOT just announced the contract for the I-485 road widening which includes a new interchange at Weddington Road and improvements to the existing one at Johns Street has been let. Work is anticipated to start this spring. This project had been postponed for several years but in part because of the efforts of the South Charlotte Partners and its involvement with addressing letters to government officials and the NC Turnpike Authority it was green lighted.

SC Partners and city council representative Ed Driggs have meet with CDOT to review the funding for road intersection improvements and side walk needs based on the recommendations provided by SC Partners.

A community meeting withCDOT and the engineering staff was just held to review the start of the Bryant Road extension.

South Charlotte Partners a non profit corporation has elected a Board of Directors and established an office in the Ballantyne Business Center. Directors with the support of Ed Driggs our District 7 city council representative are engaged with on going meetings with the city manager and other department leaders. To learn more about South Charlotte Partners visit or  

Pleased to report that I have closed on three home sales and have just represented a client on the purchase of a to be build new home. 

In 2001 my husband founded the Ballantyne Breakfast Club with a focus on his belief that "An Informed Community is a Better Community". He was honored by local and state elected representatives and the President of Northwood Office at the January Ballantyne Breakfast Club meeting for his dedication to the community and presented with a plaque. 

In addition to the Ballantyne Breakfast Club my husband founded a new organization, South Charlotte Partners LLC and is on the Board of Directors. Learn more about this organization at