South Charlotte Ballantyne Area News  

POSTED 3/15/2018

  • The Charmber of Commerce / Ballantyne update meeting held on Wednesday February 28th with guest speakers Bob Mongan, President of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and Ned Curran, President of Northwood Office / Ballantyne were guest speakers. Discussing centered around economic growth and transportation improvements for the city and for the South Charlotte area.
  • South Charlotte Partners a newly formed organization is now a non profit limited liability corporation. This organization has established a Board of Directors consisting of both residential and business leaders who have a well established record of civic leadership. The organization will serve to lobby for the areas continued quality of life by working directly with State, County, City, and School  elected officials and other departments.
  • There was a community meeting on the petition for residential dwellings including town homes and single family homes across from the Ardrey Kell HS. Pleased to report that the residents appreciated the adjustments to the number of units and the additional request for a traffic signal light in conjunction with the petition. The Ballantyne Breakfast Club / South Charlotte partners worked with both the residents and the petitioner to resolve issues with this petition.
  • We have been advised that a location has been selected for the addition of another police station which will service the South Charlotte area.
  • There is a strong possibility that Ballantyne may see construction of a new 300,000sf office. This continuation of growth is one reason that home values continue to increase in the South Charlotte Ballantyne Area. 
  • Real Estate sources report that residential sales have been steady with some increase in market pricing. There is a seasonal shortage of resales but it is anticipated that will change going into the spring.
  • Pleased to report that I am closing on two properties with two more buyers in my pipeline. The market is tight and available resales are being snapped up quickly in most cases within a few days of being listed.
  • Excitement about the announcement that the Ballantyne area will be the first home of a "Wahlburgers" in Charlotte. As more information becomes available it will be posted here.
  • In 2001 my husband founded the Ballantyne Breakfast Club with a focus on his belief that "An Informed Community is a Better Community". He was honored by local and state elected representatives and the President of Northwood Office at the January Ballantyne Breakfast Club meeting for his dedication to the community and presented with a plaque. 
  • In addition to the Ballantyne Breakfast Club my husband was instrumental in founding South Charlotte Partners LLC. He is serving as the the Chair for this organization which is gaining support from both the business community and the residential communities to advocate for the areas needs related to the areas quality of life .See for information.