A Buyer's Agent Protects Your Interests

Here are some of the most important reasons to have a "Buyer's Agent" represent you. The listing agent for a home represents the seller. The sales representative for new construction or a builder only represents their interests not yours. You pay nothing for this representation it is free as the home seller or the builder pays the Buyer's Agent commission. 

Please note that in every construction sales office a sign must be clearly displayed attesting to the fact
that the sales agent only represents the builder   

One of the questions buyer's often wonder is whether it is necessary to have a buyer's agent when purchasing new construction, The answer is a resounding yes!The truth is, you need to have a buyer's agent look out for and protect your interests when buying new construction. As with any home purchase, there are too many pitfalls, hidden risks, legal requirements and other complications involved in the process that can occur. Having a representative that can provide you with professional advice on the builder, their reputation and track record is important. By working with a buyer's agent you benefit from their network of agents, vendors, lenders and other industry professionals. Word get around when a builders, contractors and related services providers don't take care of the customers.
Some builders have an exceptional reputation for delivering homes on time. Others not so and that is one of the greatest complaints buyers deal with when buying new construction. Your buyer's agent will know which builders deliver on time and which ones do not.
In fact I have from time to time had to step in for my client to ensure the home was delivered on time.

As your buyer's agent I can assist you when it comes to location, neighborhoods and even the right lot. Often selecting the right location / lot to build on can make a big difference in the overall satisfaction you will have with the home.
This ability is something myself and my husband take great pride in. We evaluate the slope of the property for drainage, determine exposure, connective to streets for safety, relationship to other home lots, ability to retain existing trees, potential for future development that could affect the location, location of utility boxes, easements and a multitude of other factors. 

I will advise you on amenities that are going to be more important than others. Often times the selection process of upgrades can involve a series of decisions related to which ones are more important in adding long term value. 

I will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible price because I know from years of experience how to obtain concessions in price and in the cost of upgrades. This is where my knowledge in knowing the ebb and flow of the market dynamics is important. 

I will review in detail any contracts you sign to make sure your fiduciary interests are protected. As needed I will work on your behalf to ensure that all aspects of the contract are understood and agreeable to you.

During construction I will be there to attend any construction walk through inspections and the pre-closing final walk through. If any problems occur during this process and even after the closing through the warranty period I will be there to assist you in negotiating corrections.
Please talk to me about some of the times I have had to go to bat for my clients both during and after they have moved in 

Much like above in new construction having a Buyer's Agent works the same way. Having my representation in the purchase assures your interests are being represented. Here as in new construction my service are paid for through the commission the seller of the home is offering. 

Please call me if you have any questions about Buyer's Agency Representation as it is one of the most important aspects of real estate agency you need to be aware of before signing a contract.

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